Exploring beauties and history of southern Serbia


Questions asked on university lectureship interviews

A list of commonly asked interview question for university lectureship and fellowship positions


Announcing new online courses

What is better way to share knowledge with wider audience then creating an online courses. For a while, I have been thinking about this idea and how to effectively share knowledge. Finally, I can announce that I am about to build a small online school with the set of low-cost/high-value courses in cyber-security, natural language processing and machine learning!

The first two courses are already online and ready to accept students. The first courses that I have created are on Information security and Malware analysis. For these courses, I already had materials, as I was teaching them in quite formal settings. Therefore, they have been transferred to Udemy format. More courses will be coming in the following months.


Might of the word embeddings

Three most important lessons about neural networks and word embeddings: 1. No free lunch, 2. Size matters, 3. Engineering matters


[New Paper] Information extraction from tables in literature

About two months ago, a paper that resulted from my Ph.D. work has been published in the International Journal of Document Analysis and Recognition. The paper is titled “A framework for information extraction from tables in biomedical literature”.


Building Named Entity Recognizer (NER) using Conditional Random Fields (CRF)

Named entity recognizer is a program that recognizes named entity in text. The named entities could be anything from locations, company or person’s names, drug or disease names, etc.


War crimes that may never see justice (20 years from NATO bombing of FR Yugoslavia)

On the other hand, the use of cluster bombs on civilians (e.g. bombing of a marketplace in Nis and couple of bombing of refugee columns, train, buses, bridges with people) can be clearly considered war crimes, breach of war methods. As it was said before, there was obstruction of the research of these topics from the west-leaning government in order not to offend their partners in other countries. Researchers trying to perform a study were reported that they were visited by the personnel of NATO mission in Serbia or Bosnia and were asked what they are doing. They reported different kinds of pressures not to publish these studies.


Management of AI (Artificial Intelligence) projects

Increasingly companies are nowadays going towards building systems that contain at least a part that is powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI). However, there is shortage of people who are experienced in managing such projects. Whether it is a system that utilizes natural language processing, computer vision or some sort of robotics, it is quite challenging to manage artificial intelligence projects. The main reason is that often people are approaching them as usual IT projects. However, AI projects are more complicated and can embed parts for which research is necessary. Higher managers often do not realize it and expect outputs that are similar to those of the IT systems. Often this puts inexperienced managers of AI systems in quite disadvantageous position.


Ideas for the future

I would like to state a couple of ideas that I have been thinking in the past number of days regarding what I do, which generally is natural language processing and machine learning. They may be something I am already working on and some ideas for the future and future directions. Only time will tell which I will manage to tackle.

Named Entity recognition

Interesting topic, however, it seems it is moving more towards industry domain, rather than academia. However, there are still a lot of people working on this, especially in specialized domains, such as biomedicine. Lately, we are having at the University one big project related to anonymization of clinical health records and lab reports. As a first


Starting Inspiratron talks podcast

For a while, I have been preparing for this step. This blog got it’s audio podcast show and it is called Inspiratron talks. First I will give some links and then talk about mission and vision of the podcast. Inspiratron talks is hosted at the moment on SoundCloud:

At the moment, two episodes can be found. However, I am hoping to release one episode per week during the season, however, there may be some breaks around the Christmas and during the summer.

You can listen to podcasts using the following Podcast directories: