Machine learning consulting

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We can offer to consult with machine learning related projects and products that you wish to develop. Machine learning and artificial intelligence are transforming almost all traditional industries by adding automation, analyzing data and learning from them. Whether you are thinking of targetted advertising, machine translation, self-driving cars, AI in games, or other kinds of products we can definitely help. We can help you pick and implement sophisticated algorithms to that can learn from the data you already have or that you will gather in the future.

We can help with the following areas:

  • Supervised classification and prediction – based on the previously labeled data, we can recommend implementation of the state-of-the-art model for classification and predicting future events
  • Unsupervised modeling – in case you do not have labeled data, we can help to analyze the data and find segments of the similar instances in the data or find anomalies
  • Development of generative models – models that will based on the sample input continue generating data. This can help you generate more data, or be used for composing music, writing textual reports or generate commands for playing games

Types of machine learning consulting that we can perform for your business:

  • Market overview in the area you wish to develop a new product in
  • Integration report with a market overview – a report that makes an overview of available technologies and commercial products that you can use in order to build your machine learning-powered product
  • Development plan – more technical and deeper report, mainly targeted at developers. It presents the recommended architecture and outlines the best algorithms that should be used for the development of a certain product
  • Development consulting – we take a part in the development of a natural language processing module that you need

The costs of machine learning consulting reports are usually around $2000, however, it may depend on the scope and requirements. Discounts are possible in case of the long-term relationship creation (if you require multiple things), and for charities. Please contact us, to schedule a call. 

The consulting is performed usually by a person with a Ph.D. in machine learning or the related area and who has extensive industry and academic background.