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We worked on development on online courses on Udemy and over the past months, we have developed courses that you can see below. We are developing new courses, and they will be soon available. All the courses are in line with our mission of spreading knowledge in the areas of cyber-security, machine learning, and natural language processing. If you go to the courses on this page, you will get a unique discount. Enroll and start learning

Cyber Security

Malware analysis fundamentals

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This course will equip you with skills and tools that will allow you to be an incident responder and identify and analyze attacks and the malware used in them. You will start with examining what malware is, how it developed over history, what types of malware there are as well as what are the tools and how to perform static and dynamic malware analysis. You will also venture further into how model malware and intrusion detection tools work and how AI and machine learning can be utilized to augment malware analysis and detection. 

By the end of the course, you will be equipped to respond to incidents, analyze malware and develop algorithms that will help you with these tasks.

Information security in practice

This course covers the fundamentals of information security management, risk assessment, incident response, disaster recovery, and some more technical aspects, such as cryptography, application security, network security, and physical security. If you want to learn more about this area or want to develop a career in that direction, this is the right course for you. Enroll on Udemy with a discount for $9.99.

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Malware analysis and reverse engineering

In this course, you will learn how to perform static and dynamic analysis of malware and generally reverse engineer a piece of software. The course starts by outlaying the topology of malware, what kinds of malware exist (viruses, worms, Trojans, ransomware, rootkits, etc.), goes through the history of PC malware and explores tools and techniques to analyse malware. You will learn how to analyse strings, PE structure, and different kinds of system logs.

Enroll on Udemy with a discount for $9.99.

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Learn basics about A.I. (free)

In this free non-technical course you will explore what is artificial intelligence, what fields it consists of, how it developed over time and where is it now. Also, it will give you a perspective on what is going to happen on a job market and how it will influence our lives in the future. 

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