Natural language processing consulting

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We offer natural language processing consulting for your business. Natural language processing is a field of study concerned with the understanding of human, natural language. In recent years, natural language processing has enabled new interfaces for human-machine interactions, such as voice-enabled assistants and chat-bots. It has also aided in systems for text analysis. Businesses keep about 80% of their information in textual form, which is hard to automatically digest and analyze.  Natural language processing enables analysis of these data, through easy search and semantic understanding of entities in the text. Some of the visible natural language processing systems that people use every day are:

  • Search engines (such as Google, or more specialized, such as PubMed)
  • Chatbots
  • Question answering systems (such as IBM Watson Jeopardy, or now popular voice-enabled assistants, such Alexa and Google Home)
  • Named entity recognizers (systems that are finding in text named entities, such as names of people, companies, locations, etc. These systems are mainly used for further analysis and understanding of the text).
  • Classifiers and topic analyzers (systems that automatically classify whether given text had a positive or negative sentiment or whether it was a text about sport, finance, or politics).
  • Information extraction and data curation from textual documents
  • Building custom enterprise search engines tailored to your needs
  • Data curation and information management platform development

If your business has a need for any of these systems or anything similar that requires natural language processing technology, please contact us.

We can devise the following kind of consulting for you:

  • Market overview in the area you wish to develop a new product in
  • Integration report with a market overview – a report that makes an overview of available technologies and commercial products that you can use in order to build your natural language powered product
  • Development plan – more technical and deeper report, mainly targeted at developers. It presents the recommended architecture and outlines the best algorithms that should be used for the development of a certain product
  • Development consulting – we take a part in the development of a natural language processing module that you need

The costs of reports are usually around $2000, however, it may depend on the scope and requirements. Discounts are possible in case of the long-term relationship creation (if you require multiple things).

The consulting is performed usually by a person with a Ph.D. in natural language processing who has extensive industry and academic background.