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Management of AI (Artificial Intelligence) projects

Increasingly companies are nowadays going towards building systems that contain at least a part that is powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI). However, there is shortage of people who are experienced in managing such projects. Whether it is a system that utilizes natural language processing, computer vision or some sort of robotics, it is quite challenging to manage artificial intelligence projects. The main reason is that often people are approaching them as usual IT projects. However, AI projects are more complicated and can embed parts for which research is necessary. Higher managers often do not realize it and expect outputs that are similar to those of the IT systems. Often this puts inexperienced managers of AI systems in quite disadvantageous position.


Starting Inspiratron talks podcast

For a while, I have been preparing for this step. This blog got it’s audio podcast show and it is called Inspiratron talks. First I will give some links and then talk about mission and vision of the podcast. Inspiratron talks is hosted at the moment on SoundCloud:

At the moment, two episodes can be found. However, I am hoping to release one episode per week during the season, however, there may be some breaks around the Christmas and during the summer.

You can listen to podcasts using the following Podcast directories:



Stepping up the leagues of professional life

Professional life is a competition. However, it is not a competition like a simple race, where all you need to do is to be the best in the race. It is more like an athletic federation league or football league. There are multiple categories of players and you are one of them trying to find your place. You start small in the worst league there is. In most countries, the public primary schools are places that are mandatory for all kids and you are competing against people with all backgrounds. Now if you are successful, there are 3-4 kids of similar strength as yours. You have to do it for a while. Sometimes they let you compete with the best


Awarded best paper award on NLDB 2018 conference

A paper called “Classification of Intangible Social Innovation Concepts” that was submitted and accepted for presentation at 23rd International Conference on Natural Language & Information Systems (NLDB2018) and was held in Paris, France from 13th to 15th June 2018, received one of the best paper award. In total 3 papers were awarded as the best papers with no ranking or order between them. Papers also received monetary award.

NLDB is quite established (organised already for 23 years) and good conference in the area of natural language processing. Usually about 15-18% of papers submitted are accepted as long papers. It seems like some more papers are accepted as short papers and poster presentations, so the percentages of accepted papers is higher, but


Letter to the Earth from distant space

Recent events shocked the World. However, I don’t really want to talk about high casualties in Nice or Turkey in recent two days, event thought this post was motivated by these events. We live in a world that is shaking unstable. There are terrorist attacks almost on monthly bases, many Middle East and African countries are in civil wars, we see a lot of racism and religious non tolerance, etc. However, if you look at the bigger picture and what is causing these conflicts, they are irrelevant and even stupid. I would be brave enough to say that most of the conflicts people have (between people or between nations, groups, etc.) are usually motivated by stubbornness of a crazy little


Story behind Declaration of the Rights of the Child

I would like to share a story behind the Declaration of the Rights of the Child. Since it is a story about conflict and international blockade, which I have also experienced, I will try to explain what happens in these situations from my experience as a child in a country under the blockade. I would do this so you can better picture how it is like for a child to live in these conditions and why it is important to stop international blockades and sanctions. So let me start.

Our story starts with year 1919. The First World War have finished in November 1918. Allied nations put earlier during the war blockade on Central powers (Austria, Hungary and Germany). This


The day international law died – Anniversary of NATO attack on Yugoslavia

It passed 17 years since NATO attacked Yugoslavia on this day, 24.3.1999. I have been writing about it from my personal viewpoint and described how the events affected me. The article can be found here: https://inspiratron.org/blog/2014/03/24/15-years-nato-bombing-serbia-fr-yugoslavia/

Now, on the 17th anniversary of the event I would like to discuss how the event affected the World. I must say, that I am not a lawyer or political expert, I am just a computer scientist and these are my views deduced from the data I have found and events I have experienced. So let’s start!

The day international law died

I believe that we can mark 24.3.1999. as the day international law officially died! You may wonder why?

FR Yugoslavia at that


Komentari na Zakon o informacionoj bezbednosti/Comments on Serbian law on information security

Srpska verzija

Nedavno je u Skupštini republike Srbije usvojen Zakon o informacionoj bezbednosti. Tekst usvojenog zakona se može pronaći na sajtu parlamenta. Tokom leta je bila u toku javna rasprava o zakonu, tokom koje sam se i ja uključio sa mojim komentarima. Moji komentari se mogu videti niže u embedovanom PDF dokumentu (telefone i email adresu sam sakrio, dok je ostatak originalni dokument koji je bio poslat i ministarstvu nadležnom za zakon). Iz ministartsva sam dobio povratnu informaciju da su moji komentari korisni i da će biti uzeti u obzir. Radi poređenja, ovde se može naći nacrt zakona u formi od jula 2015., kada su komentari i nastali.

Neću mnogo komentaristati usvojen zakon, osim toga da se nije