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Views, opinions and reviews of topics related to leadership and management. What is a good leader? How people and projects should be managed. With a quite long career in IT, there are some views and advices I would like to share

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Hacker’s lament

But did you, in your three-piece psychology and 1950’s technobrain ever take a look behind the eyes of the Hacker? Did you ever wonder what made him tick, what forces shaped him, what may have molded him? I am a Hacker, enter my world…. Mine is a world that begins…

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I vote for Charlie Chaplin

Definitely, if there is a politician who would think and drive as Charlie Chaplin did in the Great Dictator, I would vote for him/her. This speech outlines the value humanity or a community  should strive to. This is quite funny comedy of Hitler at that time, but the speech is…

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Team performance – advantages of a small team

There are many teories on how to organize and how team to perform best. I would not talk about them all. I just want to point out one of my experiences where I feel most confortable and where I feel that team is most productive. I had experience with big…

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Story about OWASP Serbia

Finily I got some time to write about open source community in Serbia that I am leading. I hope it will help also a bit to make it more popular and also I hope it will give some advices to new OWASP chapter leaders or people who want to create…

wordpress meetup belgrade
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First WordPress Meetup in Serbia

On April 19th, 2013 first WordPress meetup took place in Serbia. It was held in Prelovac media (company behind ManageWP) offices in New Belgrade. The event was initiated and organized by people with long WordPress background, and I must say that Serbia have them a lot (ManageWP, ThemeKingdom etc). Since…

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My Startup Weekend Belgrade victory

From March 22nd to March 24th was held first Belgrade Startup Weekend. STARTUP WEEKEND in Serbia was organized under the auspices of HRH Crown Prince Alexander’s Foundation for Education and Culture with the support of the Ministry of Internal and Foreign Trade and Telecommunications and very special effort and initiative…

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TED najbolje priče je verovatno najbolji izvor govora najinteligentnijih ljudi na ovoj planeti. TED je skraćenica za Technology, Entertainment and Design. Prvi od govora koje bih izdvojio je govor Susan Cain: The power of introverts, koji se može naći na sledećem linku: Susan govori o trenutnom društvenom ustrojenju gde su stvari…

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Šta čini velike vođe velikim

Gledao sam na jedan video u kome je Simon Sinek pričao o tome šta to velike lidere čini velikim liderima. Došao sam na ideju da to uporedim sa domaćim trenutnim liderima, osobito onim političkim. Za početak o čemu se radi: U svetu postoji gomila organizacija, firmi i drugih formi…

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Priča iza

Sajt je sajt koji se bavi staroslovenskom mitologijom i religijom. Nastao je davne 2008. godine, međutim o sličnim stvarima razmišljalo se naravno i ranije. Ali u to vreme poklopile su se neke stvari koje su omogućile nastanak sajta. Naime preko jedne rasprave na Yumetalu došli smo ja i Vesna…