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Topics related to information security, cyber security, malware analysis, and pretty much anything related to computer security. We are quite involved in organizing OWASP chapter meetings and other security-related events. Analysis of security incidents and malware is quite a personal passion

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Introducing OWASP Seraphimdroid

About 2 months ago I started thinking about creating Android security application. I was looking where the…

Social engineering head
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Introduction to Social engineering

Social engineering is one of the main security issues these days. Most of companies invest to infrastructure…

social engineering
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Gmail social engineering attack

This morning I recieved email that was signed as Gmail Team and that was saying: Re: Due…

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Story about OWASP Serbia

Finily I got some time to write about open source community in Serbia that I am leading….

mobile app threat agents
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Notes on history of mobile malware

Mobile malware came not so long ago as PC malware. Mobile malware is almost 20 years younger,…

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Train with Game Over.iso

Today I have tried to set up GameOver.iso, one of many interesting live linux environement that is…

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Pwned by the owner

Couple of months ago I saw one video from Defcon 18, called “Pwned by the owner”. I…

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Kratka istorija malware-a | Peti deo: Neka rat počne

Stigli smo i do poslednjeg posta u seriji o istoriji malware-a. Prošli smo početke, pozabavili se onim…

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Kratka istorija malware-a | Četvrti deo: rootkit

U predhonim člancima smo se pozabavili prvo DOS virusima, nakon toga smo prešli na prve Windows virusi…

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Kratka istorija malware-a | Treći deo: crvi (worms)

Nastavljam sa malware serijom. U ovom delu ćemo se pozabaviti crvima, kao i nekim malware-om koji je…

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Kratka istorija malware-a | Drugi deo: Windows era

Kako sam u predhodnom postu načeo temu istorije razvoja malware-a, sada ću da nastavim. U ovom delu…

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Kratka istorija malware-a | Prvi deo: Počeci

Još jednom ću se osvrnuti na istoriju malware-a, jer mislim da je tema izuzetno zanimljiva a i…