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I have not been writing for a while. So now here I am again back at my blog with article about Android application I made with my friends Jelena and Jovana. The application is called They and can be freely downloaded from Google play at

They is mobile application for Android devices that helps save important things about important people in your life. It is a simple contact relationship manager that helps memorize all the things about your family and friends that you would probably forget.


Remember how much people get excited when you remember what pizza they like, what is their favourite cocktail, what perfume they prefer, where they want to go to the holidays or what they dream about. This are small things that someone says spontaneously, not even expecting you to remember it. But if you do, they will be pleasantly surprised. You need a gift for friend’s birthday? By one look at They you can refresh your memory on what that person likes and dislikes. Just chose a moment from your moments collection that you shared with that person and you will have a much easier decision to make. Whether it is buying present for birthday or preparing for a crucial business meeting, They app can definitely help you deal with the situation in the best manner possible.


Application saves all the personal data about your contacts and about moments you spent with them on the device’s memory, keeping the privacy of user data at highest possible level. Privacy nowadays when NSA is spying everyone everywhere is quite hot issue. So we wanted to keep privacy of user’s data at highest level and make a bit hard for NSA to deal with private data.

Plans for the future are gathered over the idea to improve the application for better user experience. They team is trying to obtain as much user feedback as possible, which will help in planing of new features and improving user experience.


Deeper integration with social networks that will enable automated data connection with social network profiles, selection of data that user’s really want to import and management of imported data are plans for the one of the next versions of They application.

Also you may visit our website and find more information about They. Websites is at

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