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Marvin – A tool for semantic annotation released


Marvin – semantic annotator

We created Marvin, an semantic text annotation tool that uses external resources such as DBPedia and WordNet to annotate semantically text. Marvin is built in java and can be used as a standalone application or as a library.

Marvin semantic annotator already has a lot of knowledge, which will make anyone probably depressed and therefore we gave him a name with reference to “Hitchhikers guide to the Galaxy” depressed robot.



Basically, Marvin queries the sources he can for the definitions about words in inputed text. He uses some NLP transformations in order to obtain as much knowledge as possible. For DBPedia he uses unigram and bigrams, while wordnet queries only with single words.

Instruction how to download, install


Brief introduction to Linked Data

My recent research brought me to linked data as quite interesting concept. I will here write some brief introduction and notes on linked data. Probably at some future point of time I will go deeper into standards and usage.

Current state of the Web

Internet have revolutionized the way we communicate and how we access and handle data. It becomes very hard to imagine world without internet, even it exist only 25 years. Many things have changed even on internet over these years. From the first html only pages linked with each other, we moved to Web 2.0, where everyone can contribute to quality and amount of data. However, these concepts are built for humans, which is ok, since humans