Category: Natural language processing and text mining

The area of natural language processing is the main focus of and Nikola Milosevic. This is the area of artificial intelligence dealing with human language understanding. The topics in this category may include views, opinions, methodologies and techniques regarding information extraction, information retrieval, named entity recognition, classification, sentiment analysis, etc.

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Twitter Sentiment analyzer

Twitter sentiment analyzer tool is a simple tool that will alow you to test sentiment of twitter users about some term. That term could be some trademark, product or any other word (or sequence of words. This is shown to be very useful for marketing agents, business inteligence agents or…

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How Sentiment analysis tool for English language was built

  Firstly I would like to anounce that this blog will go English from now on. This is quite a big change, but since topics of blog changed from time I started it, when I was in high school, at that time at some hotmail site service, that was later…