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If you would like to support Inspiratron and make it better there are several ways. One is to help build and describe great NLP, machine learning and security systems. If you want to help this way you can contact me and tell me what you would like to do (my email is [email protected]).

Other option is to financialy support Since this project is open source, geeky and we like crypto things, only currency that is accepted is crypto currency called BITCOINS (click on link if you never hear of it). You may donate as many bitcoins as you think that is apropriate (we will be more than happy with just 0,01 bitcoins or less).

Our bitcoing valet address is 1BD1ZyHVhe8RyvWKV9FUkJyoctjVMZ8x4E

Also you may use QR code

Donate inspiratron

I would like to kindly thank you all for your support and help.



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