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spell checking

How to create spell check?

Have you ever wondered what the underlying technology and math behind a spell checker are? I did, so I even built my own spell checker. Also, with this technology in mind, you can do many other things. It is useful to apply it to a voice recognition api. If you are getting commands from voice, and you cannot match the word someone said perfectly, maybe after checking how distant it is to commands, you can do something reasonable. This thing, I would like now to talk about, can have many uses. For example when what you want to create application with voice commands, you may use some voice recognition API or some voice recognition technology. But because of noice or user’s bad English command

mobile app threat agents

Notes on history of mobile malware

Mobile malware came not so long ago as PC malware. Mobile malware is almost 20 years younger, but today since almost everyone has mobile device it evolved to quite dangerous tools for attackers. Also mobile manifacturers were doing their job, creating sandbox environement in mobile operating systems, so users can be quite secure. Sandboxes helped a lot to elemenate some of the threats, but not all.

Brief history

It all started in 2004 with malware called Cabir. Cabir is a worm that was originally developed as a proof of concept by a coder named Vallez who worked as a part of the 29A group of virus writers. Cabir was written to infect Symbian-based devices and spread via Bluetooth as a


My Startup Weekend Belgrade victory

From March 22nd to March 24th was held first Belgrade Startup Weekend.

STARTUP WEEKEND in Serbia was organized under the auspices of HRH Crown Prince Alexander’s Foundation for Education and Culture with the support of the Ministry of Internal and Foreign Trade and Telecommunications and very special effort and initiative of Mrs. Alison Andrews, HRH Prince Peter and Mr. Goran Mialcic.

Over eighty young entrepreneurs gathered at the Royal Palace over the weekend for a crash course of developing a business idea and turning it into a business.

And I was amongst these 80 people who attendet the event. Actually I was the one whose team and idea won first price! So here are the impressions:


Since this event


Revolution OS – Story about Open Source

I know that recently I recomanded few movies, and I should write here something smart, but here goes another recomandation to movie called Revolution OS. I have to admit that I heard about the movie in one news article where it was mentioned as the oldest currently active torrent on Pirate Bay. So I had to check it.

It is a documentary about Free Software, Open Source movements, Linux and other surrounding projects. People starting this movements and project explaining why and how they started, what was the mothives and what is the philosophy around it. So surly if you don’t know much about this movements, it is defenetly good source. If you have reasoning how people can live writing


Train with Game Over.iso

Today I have tried to set up GameOver.iso, one of many interesting live linux environement that is meant to be training tool for learning about web application security. I must admit that I like it, altrough I had a little problems and confusion in start. Actually it is linux live CD that set up web server with vulnerable web applications that you can try to hack. As I had used some of the linux distributions that are ment to be training environement like OWASP live CD, I expected also some graphical environement. Tried startx command from console, but nothing happened. Then I learned that it just starts server, and you had to access vulnerable websites from other machine via


Pwned by the owner

Couple of months ago I saw one video from Defcon 18, called “Pwned by the owner”. I really liked the story, also the way the presentation was held. So would like to recomend this video both to security guys and to soft skills guys. In short, presentation is actually a story about stolen computer. But hackers’ stolen computer. So it is a story about getting access to own computer, but in hands of the stealer. Speaker explains how he got access to different type of accounts, how he gathered information, lost data, and how he get known with his victim. In other words how he pwned person who stole his computer. Its funny, and you can learn a lot from it. Check it here: