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0 – Money saving app

In sunday we have finaly released in Prelovac Media, money saving app for Android tablets and iPads. It is minimalistic financial application that will help you track your family finances. Simple in design, easy to use, secure, and most importantly free.


– Beautiful graphics

– Easy-accessible and readable user interface

– Choose from a number of predefined income and expense categories with beautiful icons

– Ability to add all your family members and assign their photos

– Daily-level statistics for your balance, income and expense

– Expense and income statistics breakdown by category or by family member

– Privacy and safety:


Lego Mindstorms NXT 2.0 – Humanoid first steps

I recently wrote post about my first contact with Lego Mindstorms NXT 2.0 and building robot vehicle. After several version I decided to disasseble vehicle and to build humanoid robot. It was a challange of a different kind. Most of people knows how to control vehicle. Espetially vehicle with continuous tracks, as tanks has. But humanoid and human-like body is much different.  We all have it, we all control it, but we actually hardly know how we do that.

I must admit that it was tought decision to disassemble already built and quite smart robot, but I had to do it, to get to this callange.

Building humanoid

Thankfully for this I got instructions. When you buy Lego Mindstorms NXT

lego mindstorms

Lego Mindstorms NXT 2.0 – First contact

Couple of days ago to our company arrived LEGO Mindstors NXT 2.0 robot. Today I decided to bring it home for the first contact. It was quite successfull, I built starter robot that is avoiding obsticles and speaking. For about 2-3 hours of play, I think it is good enought.




What comes in the box

The box as you can see on picture is quite huge. So what is inside? Inside you got about 700 pieces from which you may build robot that looks however you like. Then you have NXT brick that contains 32 bit microprocessor, 4 input ports for sensors and 3 output

Social engineering head

Introduction to Social engineering

Social engineering is one of the main security issues these days. Most of companies invest to infrastructure to be hardly hackable, but they don’t educate people. Social engineering is quite common attack since the begining of 1980′. And many big corporate networks were infiltrated using these attacks. And the only way to prevent them is to educate your employees. Every one of them. If you have one person that cannot say no on phonecall asking to reset or give some password, IP addresses ranges or anything else, your entire organization is at risk.

Social engineering head

What is Social Engineering?

Social engineering is a term that describes a

social engineering

Gmail social engineering attack

This morning I recieved email that was signed as Gmail Team and that was saying:

Re: Due to recent upgrade in our database, we are terminatin​g all unverified accounts permanentl​y. Reply and give the informatio​n below:User​name,Passw​ord,Date of Birth,Phon​e&Country. Note! You have one week to comply. Gmail Inc. All rights reserved.

Email address it was sent from was [email protected]

This is classical example of phishing and social engineering attack. First of all email address is wrong, and Google would not use adress like [email protected] to tell you that you should verify account. Next thing is the signature – Gmail Inc. Company like that does not exist, Gmail is part of Google. Here we have used people’s trust in Gmail and

Artificial intelligence

Approaches to artificial intelligence

This is my next article on artificial intelligence. First one was called just Artificial intelligence pt1, but now I am going to talk about different approaches to AI, so it changed name.

Currently there is many approaches that drives AI research. There is no established paradigm of AI research, and researchers disagree  about many issues. There are many questions that still are unanswered. One of those question is how relevant research in neurology and psychology is to research in AI and machine learning. For example there is little in common between biology of birds with aeronautics. So some scientists thinks that it is same in AI, but some also thinks that understanding of how human brain works will help


Artificial intelligence pt. 1

Yesterday we created Artificial intelligence section in company I am working (Prelovac media), so it would be great reason to write about AI. I realized that many people are not aware what is current state, where we are heading and what are applications of artificial intelligence at the moment. So lets start with the basics.

AI definitions

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the intelligence of machines or software, and is also a branch of computer science that studies and develops intelligent machines and software. Major AI researchers and textbooks define the field as “the study and design of intelligent agents”,where an intelligent agent is a system that perceives its environment and takes actions that maximize its chances of success.

In artificial


Story about OWASP Serbia


Finily I got some time to write about open source community in Serbia that I am leading. I hope it will help also a bit to make it more popular and also I hope it will give some advices to new OWASP chapter leaders or people who want to create some technical community. Feel free to comment also if you have some advices for us.

OWASP Serbia

What is OWASP

Question that is offen asked. Especially in countries like Serbia where web security is not well covered topic. So let’s start from the basics.

The Open Web

wordpress meetup belgrade

First WordPress Meetup in Serbia

On April 19th, 2013 first WordPress meetup took place in Serbia. It was held in Prelovac media (company behind ManageWP) offices in New Belgrade. The event was initiated and organized by people with long WordPress background, and I must say that Serbia have them a lot (ManageWP, ThemeKingdom etc).

Since this is my first post about some open source community in Serbia, I must say that as OWASP Serbia local chapter leader and one of board members of NGO that will to be umbrella organization for all (or majority) FLOSS (Free/Libre Open Source Software) communities in Serbia, I should folow this a bit more. So here is my promise that in future I will more care about our FLOSS comunities.

What is WordPress