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15 years from NATO bombing of Serbia (FR Yugoslavia)

Short story

It was 23rd of March 1999. Quite a tough time in Serbia, you could tell it by smelling the air. People around were nervous because NATO intervention was expected to happen. Everyone was hoping that it will not start, but there were signs that it will begin soon. In my home, it was intense as well. I was the 5th grade in primary school. My parents sent me to bed quite early and stayed watching television. I woke up, at 2 am in the morning, they were still watching television. They usually sleep by that time. It was a bit awkward, but I continued sleeping. Next day was Wednesday, so I had to go to school quite early


Brief introduction to Linked Data

My recent research brought me to linked data as quite interesting concept. I will here write some brief introduction and notes on linked data. Probably at some future point of time I will go deeper into standards and usage.

Current state of the Web

Internet have revolutionized the way we communicate and how we access and handle data. It becomes very hard to imagine world without internet, even it exist only 25 years. Many things have changed even on internet over these years. From the first html only pages linked with each other, we moved to Web 2.0, where everyone can contribute to quality and amount of data. However, these concepts are built for humans, which is ok, since humans


Political bot (AI) fighting human bots (using NLP and OCR)

Probably I should write this on Serbian, but to keep consistency, English it is.

Since soon elections gonna be held in Serbia, there is a lot of talk about political campaigns. And one of the major issue in the news are human bots applied in the political campaign on the internet. Since parties in Serbia have too many members (it is estimated that almost every second person in the country is member of some party), they applied their members as bots to watch over news articles on internet portals and comment (make people vote for the party they are members of). Couple of years ago, there was no internet campaign at all in Serbia. Now, thousands of people are commenting articles


What is the big deal with natural language processing?

Recently here at Manchester University, at one class for all PhD students we realized that almost half of student in a group are doing some kind of natural language processing and almost everyone was doing something related with machine learning (even hardware guys are building neural network like multi-processor architecture). Unfortunately, these efforts are not joint, but are executed over several research groups (NLP and text mining research group, National Centre for Text Mining has it’s research student, and probably there is one more group). However, there is a lot of effort going on here, which is about natural language understanding. So what is a big deal? Why so many projects are funded in this particular field? I cannot say


Manchester – first impressions

I haven’t written here for couple of months. There was several reasons for that. My trip to Manchester and my PhD was preparing. There was a lot of changes going on, and there was almost no time for writing. Now there is a little time to write about first impressions.

I arrived to Manchester at 13th January 2014. from Belgrade via Munich. So by now I am about one month here. I arrived as mentioned before for my Research PhD in computer science. I am part of Natural language processing and text mining research group in the school of computer science, University of Manchester. My PhD topic is about information extraction from tables in biomedical literature.

In the 2012 Academic


They – app that helps you remember important things

I have not been writing for a while. So now here I am again back at my blog with article about Android application I made with my friends Jelena and Jovana. The application is called They and can be freely downloaded from Google play at https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=jaydee.they.

They is mobile application for Android devices that helps save important things about important people in your life. It is a simple contact relationship manager that helps memorize all the things about your family and friends that you would probably forget.


Remember how much people get excited when you remember what pizza they like,


Introducing OWASP Seraphimdroid

About 2 months ago I started thinking about creating Android security application. I was looking where the other application are weak, since there are a lot of android device protection and anti malware application available on Google play. Thing I found that most of those application don’t use application permissions as indicator that some other application is malicious. Other thing I also found is that a lot of features, that are quite easy to develop are premium. As I was looking for project to train myself, and help others to train developing android security tools that had not that luck to be employed by some anti virus company, I decided to create open source project. There will be no other


Lego Mindstorms NXT 2.0 car programmed in Microsoft Robotics

As I promissed before (https://inspiratron.org/lego-mindstorms-nxt-2-0-first-contact/), I tryed to build robot vehicle and program it using Microsoft robotics, instead of Development Kit that comes with the box. Development kit that comes with Lego mindstorms NXT 2.0 is some simplified version of LabView. I must admit that I never worked with LabView, so I don’t know much about original version, but this version that comes with box works sequentially. That means that robot will walk how much you say, then it will stop, check sensor, continue walking, as on video from previous post. What I wanted to do is to create robot that will move flawlessly, that will check sensors while it is moving. So I tryed Microsoft robotics.

Microsoft robotics


Team performance – advantages of a small team

There are many teories on how to organize and how team to perform best. I would not talk about them all. I just want to point out one of my experiences where I feel most confortable and where I feel that team is most productive.

I had experience with big companies, big teams, small companies again big teams, small company small team etc. That is why I think I have a right to talk about it. So what is best organization? I would vote for small team, actual minimal team. What do I mean by that? Two or three people teams. In this constalation you will have most productive teams. If you have big product with a lot of people,