Month: July 2013


Team performance – advantages of a small team


Personalized relevance classifier of sentences

In this article I would like just to pitch idea about personalized classifier, and I would like to hear your opinion if this approach could be good and what can be problems with it. So what is the problem? I would like to build personalized relevance classifier.

Problem definition

Every user is tracking mentions of some term on internet or social media. Terms are usually brands they want to watch if they are some marketing guys or business owners, or some events, names etc. Since term can be ambiguous, user has opportunity to tell the program that some sentence is irrelevant for him. For example if user enter “Apple”, first it will show all mentions of Apple company and fruit

0 – Money saving app

In sunday we have finaly released in Prelovac Media, money saving app for Android tablets and iPads. It is minimalistic financial application that will help you track your family finances. Simple in design, easy to use, secure, and most importantly free.


– Beautiful graphics

– Easy-accessible and readable user interface

– Choose from a number of predefined income and expense categories with beautiful icons

– Ability to add all your family members and assign their photos

– Daily-level statistics for your balance, income and expense

– Expense and income statistics breakdown by category or by family member

– Privacy and safety: