Nikola Milošević

Nikola Milosevic

My name is Nikola Milošević. I never felt confortable to talk about miself. I consider it narcistic. But, because of nature of this page, Nikola Milošević has to become narcis. It is not easy to write about yourself because life had many chaotic turovers and situations. But lets start like this:


I was born on December 7th 1986. in Bratislava, Slovakia. I was bilingual kid, because my mother was from Slovakia, and my father was from Serbia, so by age 2 I learned both languages. I went to primary school in Serbia (OŠ Mladost) and a little bit in Slovakia (ZŠ Tematinska), during the NATO bombing campaign in 1999. I finish Nineth Belgrade High School (9. Beogradska Gimnazija). Later I got BSc and MSc degree at School of Electrical Engineering, University of Belgrade, on Depatrement of Computer Science and informatics with GPA over 8 on BSc and GPA 9 on MSc studies. During my studies as part of my Master thesis I build stemmer and sentiment analyzer for Serbian language. They was one of the first stemmers and sentiment analyzer for Serbian language, and most precise in that time (as far as I know they are still). I am interested in programming, information security, history, mithology…

Old Slavs

I started to be interested in mithology, and especially Slavic mithology in hight school. During my studies I met couple of people with whom I started web site Story about about site is very complex, and I am proud of several thing we have created. First of all website is one of top sources on Serbo-Croatan speaking internet about old Slavic mithology. Also we have a lot of texts translated to Engish. It has more then 350 unieque visitors per day. We have sistematicly classified Slavic gods and mithological creatures. We have recorded 2 documentaries about Slavic mithology (45 minutes each). Also we started internet magazine called Veles. Also I held several lectuers in libraries or in other institutions.


I started to create music in high school, when I bought electric guitar. Then alone in my room production I have recorded 10 songs for my Music project called Perunko. Before that I played a bit piano, but during University I bought real keyboards. At the same time I went on music workshop held by quite known Serbian percusionist Veljko Nikolić – Papa Nick. On that workshop was created band called Zhosen in which I played different brass instruments and percussions. Later, few of us from workshop also continued to play and recorded some things with Papa Nick’s band Institute Music.

By the end of University with my classmates Marko and Srđan I founded band Kapetan Black Šlager in which I play keyboards. In home production we recorded CD called “Kako napraviti drveno poštansko sanduče”, and had many concerts in Belgrade, Pančevo…

Some professional stuff

Nikola MiloševićMy work experience started quite early, during 2nd University year I was on competition called e-code, organized by TopCoder and Electrical Engineering Students’ European Association (which member later I became). After the competition I was contacted by company that sponsored event called Pexim Solutions (today Asseco SEE), asking me if I want to work for them. So I accepted, and started working part-time for them. I worked there as Software Development Engineer in Test on automated testing of GUI controls and later on development of benchmarking engine for WCF web services.

When I was finishing university I was on internship in company S&T doo. After 2 months there I started working for German based telecommunication company called P3 communications. Here I worked almost 2 years on bencmarking engine for mobile networks (VMCC RAT) and several projects for big telco operators such as Vodafone and Verizon. Also last 2 month I did testing of mobile prototypes for different mobile device manifacturers. Since I was programmer, and P3 communications transformed Belgrade office, so there was no programming job anymore (I was offered mobile device testing, which I did for a while and learned a lot about how mobile phones work and how they are communicating with network), I decided to move on. From November 2012 till janary 2013 I worked in company called Prelovac media (renamed to Devana later). I startd with project ManageWP, which is SaaS for managing multiple WordPress websites from one dashboard. I was responsible for creation of ManageWP android application. I was creating service for video messaging and family budgeting application. I am dealing with both mobile and web development. I also was responsible for ManageWP security and white hat programme. On Janaury 2014 I started my Research PhD in the School of Computer Science, University of Manchester, UK. My research topic is bound to text mining and natural language processing in bio-medicine.

I was member Electrical Engineering Students’ European Association (EESTEC), whith whom I was working on realization of several JobFair events, as member of PR, publication and logistic teams. I did couple of little project for fun, that are now open source like Simple Generic Watchdog and Group Mail Sender.

In the begining of 2012 I began OWASP (Open Web Application Security Project) local chapter leader in Serbia. Also I contributed to OWASP anty malware project. I impemented web site As part of my master thesis I did web site on which you are now, which contains stemming services for Serbian language (most precise stemmer for Serbian language, with about 300 rules, other known stemmer for Serbian have more than 1000 stemming rules) and sentiment analysis service for Serbian (also one of the first of this kind) and English language.

In 2013. I won with my team and my idea on first Belgrade Startup Weekend. On that victory I am quite proud and I hope I would make way for my idea to reality and market.

In january 2014. I started PhD programme at the School of Computer Science, University of Manchester. It was quite a change to move to the UK. My PhD topic is text mining, and I am particularly interested in the information extraction from tabular information in biomedical and clinical literature.

Few words for the end

That would be it. Maybe I forgot something, but basics are here. If you want to know more about me don’t hesitate to contact me. My email si nikola.milosevic[at], my LinkedIn is, you may folow me on twitter or look at my curriculum vitae.